The end of winter comes with the blossoming of

Flowers with dreams having a leap of faith

The stars brighter than diamonds

I aim for the universe

Laughter to echoes cold forest

Melt ice caps

travel beyond the present time

Give hope to heal wounds

Smile till my checks burn

Let rain to pour till the universe images her

Her with her skeletons that hunt her

Nightmares that were once her dreams

Dreams of fear that shields yet created demons

That she fights as they lead her to the darkest forest of words, desire and ambition

in an ocean of hate ,hunger and greed

The world throws the sharpest spears

Yet she still holds it together

The silence in her voice that hold thousand untold feelings

To the souls she has never birthed

Earth is a painful hell

filled with predators and scavengers seeking your soul

The driest tears I cried were to save you

The ocean tides are seeking blood

I could never bear seeing you drowning in their lies

In you I prayed for the sins to be committed

The lives to be saved

To her

The world only knows that you are a she, a girl ,women

I wish I told her the rule to survive in a men’s world

Shielded her from scars and

crimes to be committed on her body

Lead her to the world of acceptance