The thousands dying vowels engraved in anger

Engulfed by fear

A destination of the Nile river

A poisonous oxygen mask my life hangs on

The road to the juggle full of lions

Explain the pain carried by rose with thorns

The struggles of words as I still try to find the correct

Way to explain my mind

The betrayal of words as they slip without notice

Find alphabets to pin point my pain

Footsteps to trace my agony

Neither happiness nor anger can define my journey

But they have deterred my navigation

The story behind the soul scars hidden behind the laughter that echoes the room

Allow wounds to speak on behalf of my insecurities

Sing songs of sorrow with lyrics that penetrate my bones

Heal my soul with unspoken words that leave shock to my breath

Allow my pillow to mumble rap songs that rip my soul

As countless tears crumble down the scattered face full of perfection

Cry in the middle of the city to release the human in me

That has been in prison due to social

Expectations that shot beyond skies