Sweet melodies of your voice to my ears.
Singing the song, I want to listen to all my life.
Deep down in my heart feels like a secret but,
Love is not something to be hidden underneath.
Just a look on your face brings what is inside of me.
Take my hand and run with me.
Straight to my heart where we’ll find all the secrets,
Of the love I have.
Close your eyes and listen to my heartbeat.
It beats once and twice as it brings us together.
I tried not to stare, I tried not to hide.
You have no idea, not even a clue.
The voices inside of me, just the look on your face,
Already makes me blush.
I can’t keep a secret because we need to express ourselves.
Never seek to tell my love, love that never told can be;
For the gentle wind to do the move,
Silently, invisibly.
I kept my secret of love.
Trembling, cold in ghastly fears from my heart.
I hid the love within my heart,
And the laughter in my eyes,
My love never dies because in my heart it lives.
When I speak… you leave,
My love brought you back to life again.