I’m crying a river full of my pilling tears,
I’m still enduring the pain,
Yet I don’t know I’ll endure it until when…
I think, maybe it will pass
Yet I also believe it can even be for a lifetime.

It’s been a while,
But I’m still irritated,
This pain is broadly,
It still hurt after so much time
And it will still hurt again, and again!
I still remember the grief,
Entirely I miss you
I miss everyone I have lost,
Yet you are my greatest loss,
My extraordinary character.

It’s awful Because this feeling will go on for quite a long time.
My mind always troubled,
With the emotion and memories playing repeat in my mentality.
Every so often their pictures just pops up in my mind at the most random times,
When laughter and excitement pays me a visit,
It just pops up in my head that I’m grieving.
I have lost greatly,
Yet I don’t know until when shall I mourn!

Someday, I get tired,
To grieve for such a very long time,
Yet, I realize it is time to let go of the agony.
I still crave your love,
I still think about you,
I wish I can still share my dreams and longing with you.
Yet, your chair is empty, for you left too early.

I cry overtime I remember your kindness
I wonder if I will ever have someone to fill the hole in your heart,
You were so filled with love and kindness,
And I have experienced true love from you,
Yet I’m left here shuttered, for no one will give me the meaningful lessons anymore.
Yet, no one will ever come to close to being a phenomenal you.

It hard to focus, day or night
I forget myself often times, and not even remember who I’m i…
It was you who always enables me
You filled every blank space with answered in my empty sheet,
Somehow, you always knew how to cheer me up,
Yet you are gone now, and I’m left all myself.

And I will never forget you,
I learn that no scars heal. However, I have gathered enough strength all these times,
And I have learned to live with a broken heart,
Life needs to go on