Dear Daddy why is it so hard for you to love me ,dady ever since I was born u never contributut to my life .

Dear daddy why did you broke my mom’s heart,and then you still had to broke my heart.When it comes to pushing me aside you are profoundly brilliant at it .

Dear daddy you never showed up for my matric ball.Why do you always have to disappoint me ,it’s hard for me to say i don’t miss you when i actually do miss you.

Dear daddy seeing how you love and treat you stepchildren kinda makes me jealous.

Dear daddy my birthday’s feels like any other day cause you never wished me ,it’s as if you don’t know on what day my mom’s give birth to me.

Dear daddy i don’t know how it feels to be hugged by you or to be kissed on my forehead.

It’s kinda sad and bad cause i still want you to be apart of my life.I want my children to call you grandpa.I just want you near me to love your little daughter like you never did.

Dear daddy it’s sad cause being a husband to you wife you do good but being. a Father to your one and only daughter you failed.

Dear daddy iam sorry but you failed as a father.