Having you by my side

made me feel like I could own or rule the world

With just one hand

only if you hold the other.

I remember those days we used to sing together.

When we pretended like we were getting married

and made a vow to never leave each other.

I still remember the first time I met you

I knew you were the girl I wanna spend the rest

of my life with.

As years went by, you started to change

You never looked at me the same.

I knew something was wrong.

But I just didn’t feel like asking.

Honestly, I never thought you’d cheat.

It’s funny cause when I found out

I didn’t approach you

As I watched you become more distant

I didn’t worry that much cause I knew you’d somehow find your way back

Cause nobody can love you as I do

And you did

See, I didn’t care much about the things you do

even though they hurt me cause I love you.

The truth is I was scared of losing you

because I felt like I don’t do well on my own.

After I took some time for myself

I realised that I needed to love myself more

and I deserve someone who will see my worth.