Racism comes from how you see things, how you think and how you behave towards your fears.

Racism comes from through your mindset and pride.

Your racism towards others cultures, customs…rituals.

You always run to the first conclusion without asking.

Racist behaviour

We are the ones who encourage racism because we are already racist

So let’s stop being racist all of us because we all have sperms and they don’t have any colour other than white

And that leads me to many questions because we all have white sperms and that tells us we are one.

We all white with/without colour only sperms defines us as a whole nation.

Racism depends on how we treat each other without pride.


We’re being marked by a colour as how you mark your sheep’s towards your neighborhood…

So stop forcing racism to lead you towards death

We all need each other, through power, smartness, knowledge and abilities.