Onday a girl by the name Keneilwe finds herself in love with a guy she doesn’t know if his still alive , she last saw the guy 4years back.
She is so in love that she’s losing herself, by the way Keneilwe is still in school she is in grade 10 has a curvy thick body, light skinned and has pink plum lips.

Keneilwe is so much in love with this guy his name is Thabo she doesn’t even know his whereabouts he is 20 this year and Keneilwe is only 16.

What a coincidence Keneilwe meets Thabo on her way to school early in the morning, Thabo greeted Keneilwe who was walking all alone carrying a Nike black bag she was deep in her thoughts thinking about Thabo she accidentally missed a step then fell.

Thabo helped her up but the poor girl was still stuck in her thoughts ,she looked up snapping out of her thoughts feeling a cold breeze go down her spine not knowing what to do because his scent was the reason she felt weak , Thabo walked Keneilwe to school catching up since they haven’t met for years , as they were walking Thabo’s phone rang and he checks for the caller ID and Bbe was calling he answered and he dropped the call after directing his girlfriend Keabetswe.
A car stops next to them and a good looking girl came out of the car ,the girl was damn pretty like she’s from Jupiter she is light skinned and has wide hips and big butts her body is middle sized she has a weave on she was dressed in a nice summer outfit, make up makes her look like she’s from heaven.

Thabo introduced her girlfriend to Keneilwe and left with Keabetswe his hands around her waist. Keneilwe waved and continued walking to school her mind thinking about Thabo’s girlfriend , she got to school and when it was breaktime she ran to the toilet as the memory of Thabo holding that girl was stinging her mind, tears were rolling down her face. She stood in front of the mirror in the toilet and said “l guess I’m all alone in this love thing, this is pathetic I am so in love with someone that sees me as a little sis this hurts more than anything ” she sat on the floor crying one of her friends came in and held her hands and hugged her helping her get up .That friend was Mamello she calmed her down and wiped her tears then went to class.

The business teacher came in and tought then went out as the bell rang, Mamello and Keneilwe where headed to the gate living the school.

Keneilwe opened up to Mamello telling her how her heart was hurting and how badly she needed an advice.
Mamello said to her as people we don’t walk around carrying detectors to see if u like me or not. Something must show that you are interested in me like the way you talk to me just show it but don’t tell him try that out, show him that you care about him give him the care he needs or just get over that huge crush of yours because you are bound to get hurt because it will be your first relationship and the guy has experienced more than you.

Choice is yours I just think it’s an obsession just get over it, it’s the stage we are facing, the teenager stage is not easy just hang in there this will be over just do something so I can forget about this guy the choice is yours