A short poem: by Kaya Matshona, where I’m going down memory lane remembering the good times that we had in Port St Johns which is my hometown. It was enjoyable being in Port St Johns long ago but now it’s filled with gender based violence, drugs, females and children are being killed daily. Police do their work but still it gets out of hand. Devil is alive and his bloodthirsty!

Why can’t you be like other towns?
People leaving under you are always crossing thumbs.
Rapidly people lost their moms.
Are you playing out minds?
We know that you’re not this cruel.
Just like a car a we need fuel.
This is unlike you.
What have we done to you?
Or shall we pass through?
Through this pain and sorrow.
Like lacking people we need to borrow.
Borrow skills to treat you.
This pain is not easy to accept.
This is a not an easy challenges to perfect!
You used to protect us.
We used to love you.
We were once safe in you.
What have we done to deserve this.
Have we betrayed you.
Talk to us this pain is hard to carry.
Everytime we burry.
Death has become our challenge.
Are you not tired of the blood.
Are the bodies of innocent not smelly?
Our rives has turned red.
Red with blood of children.
There are tributaries depositing pieces of females to the main stream.
Don’t you here them while they scream?
Has your eyes became dim?
This is like a rolling rim.
You wish condolences for the neighbor.
Tomorrow it’s your loss.
Tears of the victims are everywhere.
Like summer rainfalls they are flowing through the streets.
This is enough I’ve had enough beats.
Port St johns I kneel down your knees.
My throat hurts I have been crying.
We are tired of trying.
We are homeless because we’re always failing.
Like tiny wrong particles in a steep slope we’re falling.
My mother town is this your calling?
Remember us Port St johns.
Don’t forget to protect us.
Like a bird to it’s eggs cover us.
May my words touch your heart?
You’ll be our home again.
There is hope.
Remember, you’re capable of so much more.