Deep into his arms I fell.

One touch with his warm hands and 

My machines were activated.

His eyes full of lust made my emotions to burst.

Like a flying dove, my hopes were high.

Just one kiss from his juicy lips and my mind left me hanging like an epiglottis.

He whispered the melody of love into my ears and I became wet.

Deeper I fell into the rhyme of his sweet words.

Just one hand parading on my cake and I was brain dead.

Before I could even blink my eyes,

My virginity was laying on that grey bin in his room.

Regrets started overworking the engine of my brain.

My eyes took a short walk n moved around the chamber, and that very moment they met a container of hell written “ARVs”.

Shock attacked harder than that thunderstorm on a sunny day.

Just like a flower that had lost it’s petals I was devastated.

It was one night, just that one night stand that ripped my life apart.