Near my death when the pain is unbearable
I lived my happy life
Lived in peace, where the waters of my life where still
Storms where then my past
But to the end of my days joy filled my spirit

This is my fate, this is my destiny
Written by my own hands, none can erase nor change it
Even though I’m not really proud of my life lived
Where every day I had to wake up in a cage
The world of my thoughts

It’s a life story, it’s long
Writing it takes ages
Narrating it takes years
In the process words may run out
Blankness randomly takes over

Meanwhile deep in my tears I drown
The room becomes an ocean
Swimming in it it’s a risk
Trying to breathe it’s just impossible
This saltiness never I applied

Crying won’t help, rather be grateful
For all my wishes are fulfilled
Not even one is left
Now I know that I can finally rest in peace
And this grave is just a road leading me home