Blink of an eye can’t behold beauty,
Rainbow displayed on the high glossy sky,
Like a crafted glorious diamond;
Hidden in the deepest belly of an ocean,
Grumpy toe muscle grip not,
Giant hollow heart like lake of fire,
Star display its marvelous light on moonlight,
Mysterious of its source, they say sun;
The sun refuse to shine, rain clouds cover its horizon.

Snow diamonds melt like morning dew,
Its smell say it all, the freshness of life longing for,
Moist rejuvenate its true nature,
Peeling down like rain tear drops.

I will then share my radiant in the mist,
When they blow trumpet we will rise,
To meet Him of the sky, felt ground beneath;
I delight in the fruit of my sweat,
Duplicate carried in the head above,
That the world owe you fortune.

If you have chance to live your life today, live it to the fullest;
For once, don’t allow anyone to brake you;
Stand firm!!! Conquer the battle within you;
You are the pioneer of your future;
Even if is pain full, please cry while keep pressing on;
Sometimes your body lack energy;
Use your mind to push;
Your mind fails you; press on with your spirit;
Down deep in the roots of you being;
There is still hope, don’t just give up;
Better days are still coming;
This will be the history like others; it’s just a sun tears.