We don’t talk anymore
But every time I see you 
I want to come to you 
As I think you missed me too
But I’m afraid I might be wrong 
Maybe forcing things, guess 
You don’t like the nightmare 
You thought it was a daydream 
I am just afraid to let go
You told me you would never leave 
And I believed, 
It hurts 
Sleepless nights, fantasising about talking to you 
Apologising and loving each other again 
Even more, it got me feeling like 
It was meant to be 
I don’t want our castle
We built to fall 
Honestly, I don’t like to share with you
But what can I do, what can I say 
I found you with her, never thought 
It would be a problem for me 
But now it is 
And there’s no way out