The time has come for us again
The time has come for us again
The time has come for us again
To take responsible action as a Nation,
To take a firm stand, take pride in ourselves ,and respect rules and regulations for Corvid_19,
Partying and gatherings should no longer be an excuse for us.

Let us learn to understand each other.
Let us learn to respect and be cautious of what President said yesterday.
Let us learn to know ,what we want as the Nation / communities.
God gave us minds to think
Please family and friends do something with your hands .
Please stand up and take a step,
We have challenges to face.
Remember that God is able to give us power and brain,
Also is able to give us hope and wisdom.

Our President want us to take steps,
He has all provision for us.
Can we please challenge ourselves,
To be heroes and heroines of this country.
To be vigilant and take care of ourselves in this moment of time.
Please family and friends think of something that we can do to reduce then numbers of Covid_19.

This is a year that we shall never forget.
A year our tears can’t stop falling.
A year whereby we loose our families and friends.
A year our blood can’t stop oozing,
Oozing from our vains to our nerves.
Please do not reject what President said to us yesterday,
It is our hands to take care of ourselves and families by following the rules and regulations of covid_19
Do not refuse what President decided for us.
We cannot run away from His decisions.
Let us not doubt that we can improve upon, what we are,
For President helps those who work hard to improve.
Remember time wasted never ever returns.
Remember it is my responsibility your responsibility and our responsibility to make sure that everyone is safe and secure, everyone wears a musk .
Remember prevention is better than cure.

# Stay Safe
# Sanitizer regularly
# Wear your mask regularly

God bless South Africa