Why do black hate on black fighting on black.
We really need to look way back.
We are far much more than just black.
We are real nice awesome black.
Just my deep and deepest thoughts.
The things they have brought.

We live in a beautiful and rich country.
We could have so much more than money.
Let’s build and love one another.
We can all go more than further.
Just my deep and deepest thoughts.
Sometimes we can be far more than our acts.

Our children must to learn investment.
Their futures will always be at it best.
Our creativity comes from within our mentality.
Never lack confidence and full self esteem.
Remember that you always have full strong enough steam.
You are a true black unique mankind.
Stay kind to each other and you’ll never go blind.
Everyone has and will always have benignity.
It should be controlled and thou shall not destroy your dignity.

Just my deep and deepest thoughts.

Jay The Rattlesnake.