Let you be with someone who won your soul, and not with someone who own your heart.

A woman needs one thing to be happy: motherly love from a man.

Getting a woman it’s easy and rewarded. But finding a wife in a woman, it’s a soul attack.

Love has so many definitions. But some are not yet discovered. Let you find someone who sacrifice his skill and sweat to find the other definitions, and sign them in your diary. So he might pass them in your heart and fix them in your soul.

Let love lead. Don’t read love. Love can’t be read, it’s only led.

Abstain yourself from abstinence, protect yourself from protection. Don’t touch the world, stay normal.

When l say you got dimples people laugh. But you and l knows that you got the most beautiful enchanting dimples ever in the world. It’s just that you only like to smile at me.

Many have said you are beautiful, many have made you smile, many have made you happy. But there is always a private admirer.

Divine love is expensive. But if he is the right man you can’t afford to lose him.

Never shall you slap your girlfriend. She is somebody’s daughter not your wife.