I miss you, mom
I need you mom
I realize sometimes I can’t make it without you
And then I have to hold on and remember how you taught me to handle what comes across my path.
I hold on to your strength
I cling on to what you taught me:
To be strong and face what is coming my way, because God is in control.

I miss you, mom
I need you mom
I can feel you around me and sometimes that is not enough
I need to see you
I need to touch you.
Talking to you while I cannot see or touch you
That is bringing in the part that you are no more.

I miss you, mom
I need you mom
How I wish I can see you and hold you, mom,
Memories visit me every day and when I enter that space I see your face and your smile
Your laughter mom
Your beautiful mom
I miss you, mom,
I need you mom.