I look at myself in the mirror,
Trying to see what might have forced you to leave,
Definitely not my personality cause I couldn’t even talk,
Must’ve been my eyes, nose, ears or legs;
I’m convinced that my physical appearance made you leave.
I looked for you, I found you;
Before I could even say hi, there they were ‘Hi daddy!’,
You wanted to be a dad, you just didn’t want to be mine;
My looks are my worst-case scenario.
My father, my first heartbreak;
I’ve been hurt over and over again, 
But nothing hurts more than burying someone who’s still alive;
I may have grown but making peace is definitely the worst. 
My father passed away when I was born, 
That’s what I tell everyone;
How do you tell people that immediately when he saw my eyes he changed his mind about me, 
Saying you’ve passed makes me feel better. 
She raised me well,
To be the person that I am today,
However, it would’ve been great if you were there too;
I was abandoned because of my looks!