Dear God ,I’m here in a world colliding ,
love has abandoned the poor soul in me ,
So is Momma who left me hanging in basket ,Down marone street.
I never met Dad ,
words of the street say he was once a knowneer ,
mowing those of kinds .

Yet i’m hear the unknown ,
sinless and stuck ,broken and stressed,
With nobody ,nor a shelter to cover my soul.
I’m here poked by hunger ,
Following the footsteps of bins ,
to sleep at least a fully belly .

Torned as I am ,
What to wear worries me no more ,
As long as I’m covered ,then I’m all at peace .
I’ve heard of my family at west ,
but it seems they know I exist not .

5 years in the frontier ,
Being chased by dogs ,cops ,landlords with swords only coz we searching for life on the streets .
If could hear me out there ,
please find me a purpose ,I’m lifeless