It was hard to be caged,
Caged without an idea, without knowledge,
Nothing good was happening,
My mind was full of sad memories,
My eyes were full of tears,
I wasn’t happy by that time, but faking it.

I never knew that one day I can be this happy,
I never thought that I will cross roads with happiness again,
One day I woke up heartbroken,
Not knowing who I am,
Until I saw chickens in a cage and realised that I am like them.

Faking a smile was my daily bread,
Pretending to be happy was my living,
For the sake of peace,
Peace that was pieces in me,
It was hard, not even easy to get out of fantasy cage,
It wasn’t easy but I had to do it.

One day the rain came down,
Came down and sprinkled my life,
Flushed out the pain in me,
Flushed my tears away,
And when it dried out, the sun shined,
And dried my pain.

I got joy I wished for, I got a better life,
And I was happy again,
I saw the beauty of the world,
Flowers we bright and beautiful get again,
Birds were singing glories.

And I was a new person, shining like a star,
Moving like a train that is unstoppable,
That’s where I knew it’s all coming together,
All coming together.