I have been here before. I am here every day. Iā€™m suffering the beatings of the cold nights. I all day collide with the darkness within me. I have been polarised with the living and turned against them.

The sun in hallows do not shine as bright. I was told I do not deserve the light. The suffocation cast upon me by those whom I thought stood by me cocoons me.

I shall walk down these tunnels and emerge to the light. They say do not worry about those who talk behind your back for they are already behind you. Those close to you always hold the sharpest daggers, and are ready to dig out your trust from the back.

I was a princess left to die in the dark corner of my soul, there is nothing left but to emerge once more as a queen. If I have the ability to fight the darkness creeping and whispering into my life, I stand in the light.

This path shall come to an end, and it’s journey I would have walked.
Instead of being afraid I can start being someone to fear.