Nana I can’t sleep and now I’ve been doing allot of thinking

I really don’t know the position I am in into your besides being a Baby mama

But just know I’m here Willing to Win with yah

I didn’t just see a boyfriend in you that’s why I never gave up on us

Yoh bra I just hope I don’t get into your nerves too much but keeh wanted to vent to yah that you ain’t just a boyfriend to me

I saw an impact in you n I hope you will be willing to do this life thing with me ,Otherwise kaoratah Mfanaq

Having to get to know your goals each and everyday just makes me feel more confident that you are here for a lifetime

Some might come out as jokes but getting to know how you tell the truth out of jokes just got me into you more

I just wish I can be more open and comfortable enough to share my dreams with you

But keeh taking this one step at a time just courages me to be patient n getbto know you way more better

Getting to see you being a supportive baby daddy, and a boyfriend, loving us more and more makes me believe that you are here even when shiid goes down

I know there are somethings you feel like you too young to be letting go of

People you think you can’t break bonds with

Still I won’t be rushing you to let them go

I am here and as I’ve told you

M going nowhere

Reminder: I love how you really takes care of me and our Unborn baby

How you get worried everyday if m coping with the pregnancy or not ,I love you Moikangoa you are the best I’ve never ever asked for ,Like being said “Little things matters” i know you don’t see how this little inputs you make makes me so happy

Thank you for trying to change for me, for us

Thank you for never turning me down after the saga

Thank you for trying everyday to be the best

Thank you for allowing yourself to love me this way

I love you