Don’t into my eyes as they may not tell all
But remember to look in my tears and laugher to find Peace;
A smile with a tear shed by tee heart as it heals
Forget what i just said , look closely at my  smile
Find peace , look closely into my shadow
You will find love living within it

don’t try to give tee heart to tee shadow
as the shadow may see the secrets of love
Remember not to bring hope of love upon the heart
As it may fade away with the lost of hope
Inside write it down in your heart and draw it on your soul
So the  shadow may not fade with lost of hope

The drawn upon the soul may last forever; the writtern upon tee
Heart changes with the change of season ;
Look upon the stars tee brighter is tee love i have for
For all the other  represent momemts i will have with you
The  darkness  represent the hardship we will go though
Remember the moon as it will remind you of all the great moments we have

I a men who’s shadow doesn’t know the secrets of love
I a men who’s shadow may never get to know the secrets of love
Remember the  shadow shall never get to know the  secrets of love
As it may fade with  lost hope