She trashed,She kicked
She punched a little bit
But he wouldn’t burge
Right there on top on her
He was unphased
She screamed
But nobody heard
She cried for help
But still nobody heard
What will she do??
She thought
She thought pain was meant for her
Maybe happiness is not meant for her
Maybe she was born to be sad
Happiness wad dead to her
She even gave you guys it’s keys
Mental slaves of system and depression
She closed her eyes
Her soul,mind and body were free
Forgive yourselves
As she has forgiven you
The burden was too much
She needed to go
That was not suicide not,she will just be gone
For a while and at rest
She needed a break
From the world and from herself
If anything happens just know she tried
She let them touch her,play her,use her
At the end they left her empty
Lost pride and self esteem
Always know she will be at rest
She will be fine with the one she trust
Sometimes it is not the strength
Bht gentleness that cracks the hardest shells