I remember we used to tickles each other

Do you still remember we hold each other’s hands?

Do you still remember our long walks?

What happened to us?

What happened to us?

Everyday I remember those crazy moments we had together

Where are you now?

Do you ever think of us?

My mind keeps on bringing your pictures

Tears fall down from my eyes

I will hold on to all your memories.



Best memories will never fade away

Only mountains don’t meet but people do

What have I done for you to be taken from me?

What have I done?

Today I’m the lonely one

While you’re out there acting like we never had a good thing

Do I still love you?

I will meet you again

I made a promise to never forget your precious smile and crazy moment we had together

Please come back!


I’m worried about you

Are you okay?

I wish you were here

I will see you someday

Thanks for the precious memories

Promise me you will never forget me

I will meet you again

Promise me you will never cry

Until we meet again.



The End


Author: Legwai Gally Mashifane