You hit, I feel nothing in my kingdom
I struggle to suppress my smile
I strangle, you cry for your throat
Using my colourful cotton cloak
Like a dog you chase me down
I hold back my anger in town
When you throw me into garbage
I feel nothing because
I’m in my own kingdom.

I put on my rug and walk on eggshells
I laugh my head off
Rushing to get the food laid off
Triumphing in streets
I feign bogus
To drive away sympathy
I don’t need your help
I have everything I need
I’m in my own kingdom.

We walk naked shamelessly
We get injured in our insensitivity
We laugh uproariously without emotions
We partake in garbage and getting healthy
Sleeping in cold refrigerator
Yet we wake up with sweating bodies
Then you wonder whether we get sick
You think we’re abnormal because you don’t know?
We’re in our own kingdom.