No man can ever bring us down because me and you are superlunary.

I acknowledge, no jealous tendencies or vituperation intended to us,can devour me and you because we are translunary.

I love you with a fraction of passion abundantly.

Loving you feels like a principle of nature, consequently I love you absolutely.

We are forever in motion, yachting to the island of paradise.

That’s the destination of our romance until our beings become as stiff as ice.

Unlike food, my feelings for you do not expire they reign until death do us apart.

Unlike dust, our love doesn’t vanish when the wind blows, it reigns until death do us apart.

Just like the sun, our relationship provides me energy to carry on.

And just like the flowers our love provides oxygen for us to breath…for us to carry on.

Mhm.. Losing you, would be losing inspiration to love.

Lack anxiety

In the newly paradise, rejuvenation will be a constant flood to our beings.