Hey listen.
I’m sorry so sorry,
Just because you hate me or you angry
at me that doesn’t stop the fact that I love you.
Yes I know I may have wronged you but that doesn’t change the way I feel about you…

Know sometimes in life you gotta appreciate
those in front of you cause one day they will be no more…
and you will miss the opportunity that you have wasted not telling them how you feel about them or how much you love them and I was not able to tell you how much you mean to me.

They say those who you hate the most, it the ones who you love the best. You being in my life has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

I dont wanna regret myself saying I wish I told her how I feel about her, but yet I broke your heart meaning that I wanna tell you the truth now while you’re still alive while you are still in front of my eyes…

Yes I know it’s hard and I know I’ve broke your heart but that wasn’t my intention but the circumstances led me to that situation. Can I tell you something? Sometimes in life you gotta  forget “reality” when you love someone and just focus on that person…not just because you’re stupid or something…no it is just love and maturity stating that you as a person can focus on one person at a time…but i wasnt able to do that for you, listen to the words I’m gonna give you now.

Respect those who love you…never undermine nor disrespect them thinking they are nothing without you,guess what life doesn’t revolve around you don’t mind me…what goes around comes around,I’m not saying these words stating that you’ve wronged me no. But telling you the truth of love and promises that I was’nt able to keep for you.

Please listen don’t hate me…there’s one thing you should
know in life is that not all people will love you. Some will love you
for what you have and some will love you for who you are…and those who welcome you with warm hands
never undermine them cause they love you for who you are…and know one thing the people we love

the most are the ones
that hurt us the most and
the one that we hate the most
are the ones that love us the best…it is all a chain,a chain of life and love…never give up on the person you love. Never give up on what feel inside,feel free don’t hide but strive these are the words I wanted to give you before you go and if it does happen that you find space in your heart to forgive please.