If you ask, I’ll break down and cry

If I pretend, I’ll slowly die

If I’m silent, my heart will cry

Pain, pain and more pain is what I eat lately

The kinda pain that hunts me when I’m alone

The kinda pain that makes my heart hard to pump

The kinda pain that tears up my insides, making it hard for me to socialise

When it’s morning, I wish it could be night

When it’s night, I wish it could be morning

So empty inside even my heart is echoing the sound of it pumping

So hurting my eyes are being puffy and puffier because of crying

Slowly losing the beauty that was gifted to me

Slowly losing confidence, I conceived from birth

Doubting questions in my mind are making me lose focus on my capability

All I need is a hug from God

The minute He touches me, my garment will enlighten up

The minute He squeezes me, my confidence will be boosted up

The moment I cry on His chest, the strength will be deposited to me

His breathing on me will blow away the stain of my anxiety

All I need is for him to hold me

All I need is a hug from God!