How does it feel to be alone
How does it feel to be on the
darkest of your life
Where everybody’s happy except you How does it feel?

How does it feel to have pains in your heart not knowing what kinds of pains are they.
 Every morning you wake
 up with your pillow wet.

 Of tears, of pains, and sorrows
that you don’t know
 How does it feel?
 How does it feel to be lonely
To be scared, watching yourself fade minute by minute and you can’t do anything.

You just rely on hope, hope that has many doubts but still  rely on hope cause you think that it will be okay…it will be okay

How does it feel?
To bare something you not fond of?
Sometimes you feel like dying but you are dying
Your eyes are always red like a moon filled with tears of hunger, desires and pains…lusting for happiness.
Sometimes it feels like the lord has forsaken you, forgotten about you…like you not you not human or you don’t deserve to be happy.
That how life is, that what life is….alone.

How does it feel to be alone?
How does it feel to be in the dark,
where no light is shinning apon you.
Where the rivers are still, the winds are cold….
The Suns are hiding, the grass is sleeping.
The soil is silent, how does it feel?
How does it feel losing you?
Your image
You heart
You self
How does it feel?