You will hear one says I will do the task tomorrow

A task that needs to be done straight away

Tomorrow turns to be tomorrow after tomorrow

Still, a task needs to be done straight away.

‘I didn’t get a good education.’

‘I don’t have money’, ‘economic low status’

‘I didn’t have a euphoric childhood.’

Then what??

What do you choose to do?

Folding your arms, hoping mother Teresa would do a miracle?

Miracle that you should’ve started long ago

Universe would’ve granted you that miracle if you had done your part

No more silly excuses now

It is either you do it, or you don’t,

But don’t make excuses.

No excuses.

Your incredible brain is tired now.

Tired of thinking up elaborate rationalisations

Tired of justifications for not taking actions

Enough with procrastination.

Be self-disciplined.

Losers make excuses

Winners make progress

Which one are you?

Don’t you want to accomplish everything?

This question just needs self-introspection.