I know that you will never come back onto this earth,

But your first daughter always thinks about you,

I know that sometimes you visit me in my dreams,

Speaks to me as if you’re still alive,

Guides me in my dreams

And that makes me happy

Even though I know that you won’t come straight to me because you’re no more.

But deep inside, I know you’re with us

Wherever we go

I know you protect us day and night

My father keeps on protecting me every day.

Sometimes, it hurts me when I see other people speak about their father in front of me.

Because I know mine is laying down the soil

Sometimes, I wish you were still alive

But there’s nothing I can do.

Things happened the way it was planned

Today, I am a mother,

My kids don’t know you,

Because you died when I was still a teenager

At the age of 17, I was just young

I didn’t know much about life

But life happened

I had to face the challenges alone

I miss you, Dad.