My illusion soul mate, a life partner and a best friend.

A true definition of love.

They say no one is perfect,

But I say you are just perfect for me.

Your smile brightens my day

Your eyes shine brighter than the stars,

Your words are lullaby to my ears.


A true angel of God,

Your hands softens my skin especially my cheeks.

Beautiful inside and out,

I call you peacock.


A replica to our offsprings.

We laugh together behind blue seas,

Counting the stars together.

My illusion soul mate

So real but illusion.


You are my light at the end of the tunnel.

Your presence always makes the grass to be greener.

We walk hand in hand through the journey of life like Romeo and Juliet.

Every old love songs reminds me of you,

Most importantly it reminds me of the beauty you see in my scars.

My illusion soul mate.