Everything seem to be strange to me

It is so silent.

I can even hear my eyes blinking.

The sound of a coin when it is falling down, it seems like music to my ears.


I feel like am living in a different world,

Where am the only species.

A room full of skeletons

More like a grave yard.


Every night when I go to sleep,

I feel like am going to another world full of darkness.

There’s peace in that world,

A world full of nothing but fantasy.


Ooh there we go again, chickens outside making noise,

Which is a sign that says light has appeared.

Then I have to leave that world and go back to my real world.

The moment when I open the door,

I see too much light with my eyes.

There we go, another world full of people.

This world is full of fake people, fake smiles, fake love, fake relationships.


I don’t even envy to engage with anyone, but be myself, quite and lonely as I was before.

Whenever am in this world full of light,

I end up not wanting to go back to my every day world,

Because I enjoy the noise, the laughter, the sound of people moving from one place to another.

I just felt so alive once again.