In the depths of our generation’s plight,

Lies a tale of struggles, a relentless fight.

With heavy hearts and burdens we bear,

We tread through life, weighed down by care.

Salaries dwindling, unable to keep pace,

With the rising tide, our dreams we chase.

But each paycheck stretches thinner still,

As the cost of living rises, a relentless drill.

Education, once hailed as our guiding light,

Now offers no solace in the jobless night.

Degrees adorned with hopes and dreams,

Yet job prospects fade, torn at the seams.

Expenses pile high, a mountain to climb,

Every bill a reminder of the passing time.

From rent to groceries, each penny we spend,

Leaves us wondering, will it ever end?

In a world where happiness seems a distant dream,

We struggle to find solace in the silent scream.

“Why?” we cry out, with tears in our eyes,

“Why must our generation bear such heavy skies?”

But in the midst of our pain, a flicker of hope,

A resilience that helps us to cope.

For amidst the darkness, we find strength anew,

In the bonds we share, in the struggles we rue.

So let our voices rise, in a chorus of despair,

For in sharing our burdens, we find solace rare.

Though the road is long, and the journey rough,

Together, we endure, strong and tough.

For in the heart of every tear we shed,

Lies the promise of a brighter path ahead.

So let us hold on, through the stormy weather,

For together, we’ll rise, stronger than ever.