Ever since I started writing,

you have always been my inspiration,

from you is where I’d get my motivation.

I guess you were my muse,

Now that you’re gone

I feel so confused.

You always made me dream further,

I just wanted to be like you,

but you wanted me to be even better.

Growing up you were my mother,

when our mother wasn’t present.

I was five,

but you raised me like your own daughter

at the tender age of eleven.

There’s just some people I never expected could…die,

like you and dad.

This all still feels so surreal,

me and you went everywhere together,

but this time,

you had the nerve to leave me

without saying goodbye.

I remember the 26th like it was yesterday,

it was scorching hot for a September day.

I went to school unsuspecting,

maybe I would have stayed

if you had told me you had plans to departure on that day.

I wish I could say

“The rest of the day is a blur”,

but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

That afternoon,

I remember how peacefully you laid on that mattress,

how my aunt cried,

how everybody else tried to lie

and how internally,

I died.

I feel like I died that day but my eyes never closed.