I almost killed a man,

yes, I, Rose.

I almost killed a man

who once told me I was the finest thing he’s ever seen.

A thing!!

I did not realise earlier I was a thing,

not a woman.

I almost killed a man,

a benevolent man in a suit with a fancy car,

after he told me,

I was the most stunning rose he’s ever seen,

just like my name, rose.

he crawled inside my bed,

went under my sheets and left me

for another woman.

wait for what? woman,

yes, some anonymous woman

who he thought was better than me.

I almost killed a man,

who came home drunk in the early hours of the morning.

A man who couldn’t admit his mistakes.

well, he wasn’t a man,

he was just some turkey ass

young boy who tried walking in a big man’s shoes.

I can’t believe I was almost charged

with first-degree murder,

for a man who never slept at home

on weekdays and weekends.

a man who pretended to be the head of the table,

while he was just the feet of the table,

always running away.

I almost killed him; I did not kill him.

He was not worth the trouble,

he was trouble itself.

I threw him out of my life,

I am glad I took the trash before it started smelling.

Did I tell you?

I ROSE, I almost killed a man.