It makes you want to touch it
It enters your body like the spirit of a ghost, it controls you
It makes you vulnerable weak to the core it makes you feel
It’s Like that feeling a mother gets after holding her newborn
You feel strange and amazed like when you open a new page
They call it a honeymoon phase but it fades
The time when you both feel butterflies when You touch
When you share glimpses and never-ending smiles but it fades
We were once told that love is rare
That love is special
That love is kind, but it is also blind
It binds you to a certain emotion
The fast pacing heartbeat when you touch
And the instant anger and pain when part
Unfortunately, it never lasts.
Come to me he said
Let me protect you he held me
I’ll stand beside you, always. He promised
But where is he now
I’m left to pick up the pieces of a love that never existed
I’m left to put the puzzle back together by myself
Only for it to be broken by another
The thing about love is
It comes to you when you least expect it
It’s like the sun on a winter morning
When you are all cold and yearning for a spark of sunlight to keep you warm it doesn’t appear
but the moment you give up and get inside the house It will draw you outside.