A rest day— a day in which many feel completely and utterly at ease, and see the day as one of relaxation. People either spend it at home amongst their families, or use the day as an excuse to go and adventure out and admire nature’s captivating scenery.

The day is there to end off a long week of delving all of our attention into the tasks that were given to us and dedicating our time to completing it.

Sundays, on the other hand, are like a pre Monday to me.

A reminder that a new week awaits us. A week where we lose ourselves in work and endless worries once more.

A Sunday to a lot of people is spent anxiously planning the week ahead of them, or preparing for other important things to come that same week.

Sundays remind me of a cycle; it arrives once a week and is never-ending, something repetitive. As much as it starts getting enjoyable, the fun has to end and we come face to face with a new week.

And so the cycle starts all over again.