Only if I knew that you were playing games, I wouldn’t have let my heart fall for you in the very first place, because now I can’t erase all the feelings I have for you.
I’m actually not a writer but this is where I think I can express my feelings because no one would like to hear a word about you. It’s crazy how much you’ve hurt me but still, I’m in love with you.
What I know is that it’s not healthy for a girl to cry every day before sleeping, it’s not healthy to think about someone who doesn’t even think about her. But what do I do now because you want nothing to do with me.
The most painful thing is that I have never done anything wrong to you but love and cherish every moment we had, but what do I get in return? Heartache, pain, and betrayal. I still can’t believe you choose her over me but think I should accept that I’m not and never gonna be ENOUGH.
Sometimes I lie back thinking of the days we had, those late-night chats, how did it just end when I gave it all. You are the reason I hate all my favourite love songs, thinking of those lines we sang together.
Now I’m covered with loneliness and misery, on my knees struggling to fight. Would you lend me your hand? Though I’m still missing and loving you but I’m forced to let you go because this love is forbidden.