I didn’t want to see you sad,
Neither a teardrop from your eye as we sat;
Though tables have turned,
I am a trash bin to your eyes,
Your heart is as strong and solid as ice;
Your words are sharp as a sword,
Even when am polite;
You called me names that’s not alright,
That was an unforgettable pain.
Talking to you is like talking to your shadow,
Behind the ban of an old mellow tree;
Dearly what have I done wrong to deserve this,
To you I am like a walking corpse these days;
Your attitude has pride,
That took everything and you named my price,
Solidly am worthless to you;
That was the unforgettable pain.
You said we would never be apart,
Maybe it was just a movie part;
Promised that you will never hurt me,
What you are doing is an understatement,
That would be applauded in the parliament;
Wrote ten to one pages about your love for me,
Though my pride is in the mail,
For everyone to take a sneak peek;
That was an unforgettable pain I’ve experienced.
I’ll walk away,
May your life be well;
May everything you desire come in bulk,
Never lack even a cent;
Just you know,
You took a loan,
One day you will have to pay back;
I’ll be away,
Watching from a distance far away;
The unforgettable pain I’ve experienced,
It will make you stronger.