There’s this saying that says

The heart wants what it wants,

But! What the heart wants,

Hurt the heart!

The heart is a fool.

The heart is a tool.

People can use it.

People Can play it.

When it comes to the game of love,

Let brains be your driver!

Let brains be your advisor!

Let the feelings you feel be the passenger.

And your destination will be green pasture.

I know they make you feel like heaven!

But then how long before hell?

We want those that want others, the others also want the other others.!

Sometimes is a good thing to choose the one that loves You!

Than choosing the one you love

Because the one you love will leave you for the

One’s they love.

It will be like theft

Where as they just left.

The ride of love can be bumpy

So fasten your belts

And be ready for anything

At anytime.