Ghetto Republic
O land of promise!
Forged in the garden of glory
You sleep in purgatory
Rose in a grave
Who are the diggers ?
Who has cursed you?
Her children have become greedy
With consciences wrapped in rags
Sitting on thrones with crowns of rigged ballot papers
The high council is a wilderness of civilized men clapping their idle hands with swinish glee
A Republic bestrewed by crapulent men
Sycophants sounding drumbeats of praises ,a bargain for positions
Relocate your integrity !
Ghetto Republic!
Like pious men with varnished dignity
On a pulpit you verse myths of a Bright future. O you Barons you lie!
The land promise
Inundated with tears of the oppressed and the blood of the weak.
A lucky few sleep under antique chandeliers
With emitted lights of gold
While a paupers fate dances like
His flickering lit bush lamp
Heavy boots and red berets jousting
To fat their pocket with silver coins
Sitting in air-conditioned offices
Celebrating the ritual of corruption
Your offspring partaking in the rite of passage
Fading dreams of the Young ,
Dreams of climbing the upper echelon
Rats and cockroaches cast lots for their certificates
There is no order
“Senior Murders ” silence the voices of hope, they send them to the gallows
And they wash their hands like Pontius Pilate
A Nation bleeds!
A Nation weeps!
There is non to save her!