Halala all you wordsmiths! FunDza is so proud of our Fanz writers! We are delighted to showcase this poem by one of our talented young writers to celebrate this wonderful avenue for self-expression. Good poetry can be a great mental and emotional pick-me-up. Read and enjoy…

Poetry is to words what song is to sound


#lovefundza because you taught us how to become great authors and great readers.

Today I am better with my vocab because of you.

You give me the power to dream more.

You give me the power to think very carefully about my future!

As I’m writing these words on top of this paper I said today I am a better person who knows what would I want to do tomorrow.

FunDza Literacy Trust you are the best platform for everyone.

We learn various stories that teach us about reality.

I love you fundza you are the best platform for us.

Indeed you are a great educator to everyone.

You provide us with great information which teaches us how to become strong people.

#love you fundza

You are my pillar and my strength.