How did we, I get here? How did it get this far?

I drown my thoughts in a million questions. But no answer. I’ve loved so deep – why? I want to fulfill all her desires – how? If I could kill my feelings I would. If I could turn love into hate I would – truth is I can never really hate her. I get an overwhelming emotion each time her sparkly brown eyes meets mine. My heart melts when she looks at me with her eyes so kind.

A wave of hot flame consume me when I imagine her lips against mine. A gentle kiss. A kind of kiss that a man gives a woman when he knows he can never claim the taste of her again. The thought dissolves my flesh, it melts my bones, it…. She is as sexy as sin, as tempting as evil, as gorgeous as Devil and twice persuasive. No! I can’t let my mind think of such. I palaver with my heart and mind asking them to stop.

I can never claim her. I can never hold her. She’s never mine. She signed her name on someone else’s future, as I wrote her name on my heart. It hurts – so bad, I’ve fallen – too hard.’

I’ve loved – too deep, I’m falling apart. All I can ever have if her is a bowl of hot memories that consume me with passion.