sometimes it’s not the mountains I can skip for you.
sometimes it’s not the oceans
sometimes it’s not the people
and sometimes it’s myself, it’s myself that I have to jump and escape from, it’s myself that has decided to find comfort in uncomfortable spaces and emotions!
it is me who looked down on myself before anyone else
It is me who allowed people into my life to disrespect, discourage and abuse .
Now I have fought enough of my battles! I have overcome insurmountable obstacles, I have allowed myself to grow from everything and anything that was meant to break me.
I have chosen to become the person that I am today, not angry, not peaceful and not depressed but miserable and lonely.
It’s like I switched on the buttons where I chose myself and automatically drove people away! It took some time for me to actually realise that I’m here for the dead not the living .
I’m here to touch untouchable spaces! I’m here for healing and deliverance this could be in my presence or in my absence!
It feels so good to be myself cause if i can’t show up for myself who will ? if I can’t be there for myself how can anyone else be? if I can’t fully love and take care of myself how will I know who the other person is? if i can’t respect myself who will ?
It feels so good for me to do things that make me better and happy as a person, even worse that I find myself in an environment that is healthier and accommodative of me, I think for as long as I am living towards nothing in a contrast to, I’M STAYING.