Flowers in your grave
You lived your life to the fullest ,you
made your mark, your memory
Isn’t yet forgotten,it feels different now that you gone

I wasn’t ready to go there but
I entered for you , I love flowers they are beautiful
But these are good for this place you in,you
are resting now
Here are your flowers, beautiful,do you see them?
Here take them ,smell them every colour every bloom defines the love I will always have for you

Dad I miss you, I brought you flowers atleast
They will stay here ,I don’t know how much
You love them but they all I can bring you
How’s life here?,Will they brighten your day?
Will they remind you how much you mean to me?

I still can’t let you go ,if they would have been able to bring you back I wouldn’t mind sending more
Take them remember me
Take this peace I brought you.
Flowers In Your Grave

Flowers in your grave come visit me often
Comfort yourself with them
Cover yourself with them
Soothe yourself
I love every moment,I come and visit you and leave
Flowers In Your Grave