Youth day
What would we be without you,
Heroes and Heroines of struggle
Who laid their lives for freedom, peace and democracy.
Without their lives being schamboked and teargassed,
Peace, freedom would be far away from us.
With their blood she we are now in a new South Africa,
Where we are all equal.

With their sacrifice we are now children
With hearts filled with peace.
Their sacrifice gave us equal education
And made us not to be inferior to the white race
The struggle continued but the youth continued to fight
Until the very end
For us to finally say ‘we are free’.

Those children ,
Without them planning to die,
Planning to become hostility,
We wouldn’t be this far,

Oh, children of God,
Without you there
Would’ve been no future for us black people,
You are immortal in us ,
Hope ur souls are resting in peace knowing you fought for indlemnyama,
To be where we are today.
We salute you June 16 Long live the souls of struble Long live!..a