Some are conflicted

Bounded by fears.

How can you unleash

Your true potential

If you fear failure?

I fell so many times

I’ve even lost count

I had to account

For my actions it was a lesson.

And I got it for no price.

I used to fear the darkness.

Until I had to walk in the dark valleys

Of the shadow, all alone

I had to overcome the challenges

Because it’s part of life.

Some can’t even go to town and hustle

Because they fear what people will say,

So what if you are a vendor, cleaner or

petrol attendant, some people

Waste their time and energy

Worrying about what people will say

About their hustle.

When you’ve been through a lot

Memories you never forgot

A painful thought

Battles you fought

The things you never got.

Just stay strong and never lose hope

We all fighting demons indirectly

Never give up on your dreams

Challenges are the enemy of success.

Counting your failures

Won’t give you any profit.

Work on your art, your dream

You can be a doctor; it’s possible

We all live differently

I’m in a competition with myself

I always gave credit where it was due

Lately, friends are competing

With others unknowingly.

People have become selfish

I used to think black-on-black hatred

It was a myth until I lived in different places

It was never the case

We live in societies that judge

People by appearances and failures

We are so ignorant

The black mind is powerful

But we are divided; it’s awful

I wish we could be too careful

We’ve been spoon-fed poison for years

It’s recurring,

it’s so sad when you hear a Black

Person saying they

won’t support black businesses.

Yet they complain about the inequality of

Wealth distribution.

We are all the wounds

That bleed under

the bandages of the government.

It’s a chess game

The elites always get a cheque

Pockets loaded, superprofits.

Low salaries and high unemployment

Constantly telling us, we should vote.