You’ve never been the best thing since sliced bread
You being around always felt like we’re being tossed in Satan’s fire
I’d listen in on your conversations with mother
With you lying through your teeth
Promising to never beat her again
The next day you’d come home drunk
Saying erosive words
So much that mother would run to neighbours for help
We’d spend time skating on thin ice
Trying to not bruise your ego and get burnt
With nowhere to run to
Nowhere to run from your obnoxious self
Nowhere to hide from your monstrous ethics
Mom always justified your bad manners
Trying to convince herself that maybe you’ll change
But unfortunately for us , you were a leopard
I applaud you
For you ate all our hopes and dreams of having our own families
While you were acting kind to others outside
You forgot to be a divine being even to your blood.